Adsense vs. Affiliate Marketing – Which is best for your blog


There are bloggers who are in a fix whether to use affiliate marketing or Google Adsense. However, if you are confused due to this problem, then better not worry. As I am writing down the following post in order give you an understanding about what to choose from.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is usually the amount of money which you earn (which can potentially double in no time) provided that you work on targeting a niche. However, the pitfall starts when it doesn’t work and you loose a big chunk of your hard-earned money in the process as well.


There is different amount of money which one gets from Adsense and it varies, like from 10 cents, 40 cents or even more than $1. Although, affiliate marketing is a bit difficult to be understood, yet you are able to double or triple the money.

Which one to go for?

You must be thinking that affiliate marketing comparably offers far more money, but it is not 100% necessary that you are going to get success. If you don’t fall in the parameters, you might even fail. On the other hand, you are able to make a lot of money by way of adsense, if all the things are in place.

Use Adsense if you are blogging in non-English speaking countries

You can opt for Google Adsense in the event when you are a blogger from non-English speaking countries since you potentially get lots of traffic from such countries. Since, visitors from countries like India, do click online, but don’t buy often. Hence, Google Adsense proves to be quite the best for you.

Your blog should be sensational:

Your blog should be sensational. While your motto is solely to earn through Adsense, yet you don’t have to worry extensively on your top-notch writing skills since, you don’t have to persuade others in buying. In other words, your sensational writing will substitute for your writing skills.

Using Adsense will give you quantity visitors:

While using Adsense, you want to get more visitors and it doesn’t matter what sort of visitors you are getting, since “clicks” is all that matters for you.

SEO is important:

In order to gain increasing visitors, you need to be properly experienced with SEO, since it helps your blog get maximum exposure. You can use Affiliate Marketing due to following:-

You are patient:

The way you need to market yourself, need to be a long process and your patience is highly needed. You get quality visitors Affiliate marketing makes the best use of quality visitors rather than getting clicks on ads. The traffic is basically from the target niche as the visitors are more interested in buying the product.

Your writing skills weigh more than SEO:

Your writing skills are the most important aspect. So, use it for giving much needed charisma along with deriving interest of readers to your blog.

This is how every thing is written in the post. Now, you have to decide in choosing between Adsense and Affiliate marketing. I am sure the aforesaid post will help you immensely.


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