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Are you looking for the best open source and free tech support ticket system software?
If yes then read below post to know about best free tech support ticket system software.

What is the use of help desk ticketing software?

The main goal of any help desk ticketing software is to establish seamless communication and a simple interaction platform between the customers. who are requesting IT service and the IT practitioners who are supporting end-users and fulfilling the service request.

So, for growing business help desk ticketing software is very much essential, but help desk software that are available in the market comes with heavy price tag.

You can also go for another option, that is open source or free tech support ticket system software. While free versions of help desk software are usually limited in users and functionality, open source software is fully functional for all users.

With the help of a free help desk ticketing system, you can simplify your IT service management operations and ensure IT professionals spend less time tracking and managing help desk tickets. Then, It professional can spend more time for actual IT resolution and end-user support.

Here you need to understand one point i.e., “Save time for ticket management and gain time for ticket resolution.” Therefore, you can provide best customer satisfaction support.

In this post I am going to share details about the best open source and free tech support ticket system software.
Sysaid, web help desk, ManageEngine, freshdesk, spiceworks, cdesk, hesk and Zoho are some great open source and free tech support ticket system tools.

The best open source and free tech support ticket system software.


Freshdesk is online help desk software free tool. Their free option is for up to three agents, with limited functionality and they are offering below features in free option.

  1.  Easily prioritize certain customers based on SLA policies.
  2.  Easily turn emails and tickets into knowledge base articles.
  3.  Use 16 different languages.
  4.  Access via mobile-friendly site.

Add extra agents for a day to work through a backlog for $1 – $3 (if you want you can opt it for extra agents)

2. Web help desk:

Web help desk is offering 30 days of free trial version with great features. After that you need to upgrade it to pro version. Following are some of features that they are offering to their customers.

  1. It Asset Management & Inventory.
  2.  Ticketing and issue tracking.
  3.  Asset inventory management.
  4.  Change management.

3. Hesk:

Fast, lightweight, secure and FREE user-friendly help desk software. It is one of the best online help desk software free. Following are the features.

  1.  Submit, track, and assign tickets.
  2.  Custom fields & help desk settings.
  3. Knowledge Base.
  4. Reporting.
  5. Multi-Language.

4. C-Desk

It is a complete free helpdesk system which includes cross-team service request management, manual asset management, a knowledge base, a photo gallery, a notice board, and a log book.
C-Desk, unlike most free options, is free no matter how many users or technicians use it.

As you know free versions are limited for number of users and functionalities. So, help desk software providers are also offering services that include unlimited users and functionalities for affordable price for your business.

1. osTicket

With this tools you can associate your SLAs with help topics, departments, or ticket filters, Internal Notes and set up overdue alerts and notifications when you miss due dates. Following are some of the stand out feature they are offering for their customers.
Stand-out features

  1. Add your logo, images and videos to tickets.
  2.  Space in ticket for notes of all actions.
  3.  Agent Collision Avoidance.
  4. Assign and Transfer.
  5.  Auto-Res ponder.
  6.  Dashboard Reports.

You can visit their website for more information about the features and also you can download this software.

2. OTRS Free

OTRS Free is one of the help desk software providers for free tech support ticket system software. They offer many features that include emails notifications when tickets are created and changed. Tickets can be sorted by status, such as new, open, watched, escalated, pending, in-process, or by priority. Following are some of the great features.

  1.  Ticket Management.
  2.  Automation & Processes.
  3.  Time Management.
  4.  Security & Permissions.
  5.  Reporting.

Hence, you can visit their website for more info.

3. Mantisbt

It is also a good open source help desk software and mostly used to track software defects. Following are some of the great features. So you can check their website for more information.

  1.  Available in 68 localization.
  2.  Support for Projects, Sub-Projects, and Categories.
  3. Change log Support.
  4.  Email notifications.
  5.  Set user access by project and role.
  6.  Track issues which have been resolved via RSS feeds.
  7.  Revision control of text fields and notes.

4. Bugzilla

It is written in Perl and uses MYSQL database. Bugzilla is a defect tracking tool, however it can be used as a test management tool as such it can be easily linked with other test case management tools like Quality Center, Testlink etc.
If your needs are basic and ease of use is important then Bugzilla is a great choice.
Thus, you can read more about it by visiting bugzilla website by google it.


Therefore, The above mentioned are some of the best open source and free tech support ticket system soft ware’s.
Have you used any of the suggested products?. If yes then write your view on this in below comment box.
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