Top 3 Free Email Marketing Tools


In the technology ridden world, everyone has apparently gone online and hence email marketing is the best marketing medium to promote products and services. No matter how big or small the companies are, they usually seek the services of email marketing tools in order to elevate their sales. Email marketing has become a very interesting concept that enables the user to retrieve loyal visitors for his blog. Email marketing does have some awesome impact on the fortune of the blog. It is very normal to get 1000+ subscribers in one year of starting the email list.

There are some email marketing tools that come with fair bit of price like Aweber but there also exist a few free email marketing softwares. Here are the top 3 free email marketing tools:

Mail Chimp:

It is one of the oldest free email marketing tools that exist in the market. It avails the user a substantial number of subscribers, sometimes equaling 2000. The user can thus, send as many as 12,000 emails per month without costing them a single penny. The interface of Mail Chimp is easy to operate and it helps you not only to create a campaign but also the web forms. Some of the features of Mail Chimp include the creation of incredible looking custom forms. It is also integrated to facebook and other social media, hence you can even subscribe through facebook platform. The tracking of subscribers is very easy using Mail Chimp.

Mad Mimi:

Mad Mimi has a very interesting name to its disposal and it performs uniquely too. It is basically a new entrant in the email marketing atmosphere and is able to provide up to 2,500 subscribers that enables the user to send as many as 12,500 mails each month. The forms that are provided in Mad Mimi are attractive to say the least. Other features of Mad Mimi also call for excellence. It enables the user to create forms and connect with subscribers without any hassles. The integration of Mad Mimi to facebook is also an indication of how cool it is. Mad Mimi also allows the user to add some extra tits and bits to its interface.

Mail Relay:

Mail Relay is an old player of email marketing in the industry. It offers the user two plans, namely the standard plan and the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan offers up to 5,000 subscribers peer month, enabling the user to send 25,000 mails. It possesses some magnificent features such as the existence of visual stats along with visitor tracking, clicks as well as bounces. The web integration of Mail Relay is also very easy. In a nutshell, Mail Relay is simply one of the best email marketing tools that exist in the market.


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