Top 5 Best Free and Premium Keyword Research Tools


It is important to make use of right keywords which help in getting top notch position in search engine ranking. In order to get much needed success, there are list of keyword research tools which are available online.

Needless to say that it is very important to make use of the best keywords if you want to ensure good amount of website traffic. While reading the following article, you will know the top 5 best free and premium keyword research tools.


A premium tool namely Wordtracker assists people turning their business manifolds. After all, how can’t it, when it is able to gives whopping 200-300 related searches (which are SEO based) to help people in the best possible manner. The searches are primarily based with what the customers are looking to buy. It is indeed beneficial to go with this, after all considering its immense utility owing to the fact that it is trusted by various SEO professional in the online world.


Scrible is another keyword search plugin suited for marketers. It ensures fast in-depth analysis of the relevant content by giving the most suitable keywords to the content.


Another free keyword research tool namely “WordPot” helps online marketers to search for the appropriate keywords easily. No sooner that you enter a keyword, than you get the desired results within no time. Another addition to this awesome keyword research tool is that it offers in-depth analysis which equally saves a lot of your precious time. Isn’t it great?

Google Keyword Tool:

Google has come up with Google keyword Tool in order to make the journey of yours towards choosing the best of keywords easy and effective. The tool is highly easy to be used as it encourages people to search for those keywords which in turn create a pleasant effect with people. All you have to do is to enter a word, site link or phrase and the tool effectively functions in a sophisticated manner by giving you many searches of the keyword. Now, you can write top notch content which can equally come in the top search easily and effectively for sure.

SEO Book Keyword Tool:

How can you overlook this important free keyword research tool since the reason why it is in the list is that it equally offers the best results in accordance with the market of Google, MSN and Yahoo. Now, get use to the most relevant search results in the online world within no time. In order to further help you in touch with the most relevant answer, the tool also gives you the convenience of getting the answer from Google Suggest, Google Syndrome as well as Google Trends along with Yahoo. This paves the way for you to get an insight of what is the prevailing trend.

Finally, aforesaid are the top 5 best free and premium keyword research tools. Use them as they are going to create a pleasant difference in your professional life for sure.


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